horses & us

We  live in a little wooden house on a not so little hill on the outskirts of our city.

We grow our own food as much as we possibly can.

We have been rejected by our families.

We have been embraced by friends who’ve become more than family.

We are the fringe.

We do not send our children to a school to be educated by other people.

We raise them ourselves.

Educating and teaching them along the way.

But mostly they learn from their own curiosity and teach us more than we could ever hope to teach them.

We are the fringe.

We don not believe in beating our children as punishment.

We do not support the death penalty.

We believe life is conceived long before birth.

We believe conception is a magical creative activity in which spirit & matter is brought into synergy.

Every human a complete and awesome being, conscious and alive since forever.

We believe every single life is valuable and has meaning.

We are the fringe.

We have a crow who lives with us.

And a meerkat.

And a guinea fowl.

Also some horses, dogs and cats.

We do not believe we own animals.

We have no pets.

We share life with them in freedom and they choose to be with us.

They are not kept.

They are loved.

We are the fringe.

Our faith is not contained in a single religion’s dogma.

We are not members.

We are not under authority.

We disagree, but do not debate.

We hope to engage.



We are the fringe.

We live, as much as we know, in rhythm with our being.

And when we discover conflict we struggle and search for new ways, until we resolve it inside ourselves, so that we may be at peace with our being.

So that our lives may reflect who we are.

We are the fringe.

We are not infatuated by name or rank or standing.

By fame or fortune.

We do not aspire to it.

We do not have a plan we follow or a destination we reach for.

We respect and love whomever we meet.

We are impressed by the beauty and fragility of human-kind, co-existing always.

We choose to respect instead of judge.

We hope everyone who spends time with us experiences this.


Whomever they may be.

We hope each person who spends time in our presence is overwhelmed with a sense of their own immensity and exquisiteness.

We are the fringe.

We are infested by happiness.

Constantly overwhelmed by a great sadness.

We do not ‘fit’ a description.

We are gypsies and hippies and pikeys.

Yet we love our home, the memories created there and we would cry should we ever have to give it up.

We prefer not to buy new stuff.

We prefer not to own.

We are private.

Yet our lives are shared with thousands.

Without hesitation.

We are angered by injustice.

We have compassion for the people overwhelmed by greed and self-love and a hunger for power.

They too are beautiful.

We are the fringe.

We live from relationship.

We have no desire to control.

Collectively Zuko and I have 14 years of tertiary education to feed on.

We have no profession.

No title.

We believe books are awesome and foolishness at the same time.

We believe knowledge is vital and overrated.

We believe freedom is the only possible way.

And it is possible.

Yet we are bound by our being.

Bound to be who we’ve found ourselves to be, even though we’ll never be it completely.

We live from conviction, but are never convicted.

We are certain of what we value, yet always find that we value in new ways.

New ideas.

New beliefs.

We are the fringe.

Never at home.

Never settled.

Never inside.

Always becoming.

Never boxed or pegged or boundaried.

We are the fringe.

It is our greatest accomplishment.

It is our deepest failure.


8 thoughts on “Fringe

  1. Interesting blog, Theunis. Hope we have time again soon to talk some more about this ‘fringe’. Thinking about this….there would seem to be many ‘fringes’. Should “We are the fringe ” not be written as “we are a fringe”…..just asking 🙂

    • You’re right, Melvin, ‘The Fringe’ manifests in many ways & probably there are many ways in which people find themselves on the fringe. In Afrikaans we use the term ‘randeier’, which is very descriptive.

      Talking about ‘a fringe’ sounds too much like a hair-style, won’t you say? 😉

  2. If we are the fringe, are we skating on thin ice, do you think?

    It may also be viewed like swimming upstream….it’s a statement, a position which the majority would feel threatened by ’cause you are different. The nearest they can approach to the fringe is to say “i want to be different like everybody else” 😀
    The greatest thing is though, there are fringe benefits!!

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