fear eyes (image from Narbonic)

I’ve been thinking about happiness.

I’ve been noticing many desiring its presence in their life.

I’ve been encountering many for whom it seems to be illusive.

For some happiness is chased away by a stubborn hanging on to the past.

For others it is killed by loneliness.

The absence of intimacy.

Of deep & meaningful relationship.

For most, it seems, ‘fear’ is the monster which first consumes happiness & then proceeds to feast on their being.

Fear that we won’t make it.

Fear that I won’t be acceptable.

Fear that I won’t be loved.

Fear that what happened in the past, may happen again.

Fear of violence.

Fear of failure.

The ominous voice of this monster constantly whispering that it will not be all right.

It will be a disaster.

Even what seems to be love & acceptance & intimacy, now, in this moment, is an illusion.

It will be stolen.

It will be ruined.

Living from fear is the perfect recipe to keep happiness out of your life.

It isolates me.

As I hide away.

It wants to isolate me, for if I am alone, it has my ear, my heart, to whisper even louder the dark words of doom it sows in my being, poisoning who I am, killing hope.

And as we fear, we try to take control.

To manage.


In the hope that if I gain control, I might just be able to avoid the chaos prophesied by that destructive voice.

Which alienates me more.

For even though we cannot verbalize it, there is nothing which frustrates us more, than trying to control that which is uncontrollable.

For us, the banishing of fear, comes in the realization that we cannot control.

Many say, it comes down to choice, but even that is an illusion.

For we have no way of predicting outcomes.

I will  choose to live somewhere, which will influence who I will meet & what opportunities may come my way.

And the way of my children.

How can we even imagine to predict the outcomes.

So is it then a matter of ‘chance’?

Taking your chances?

Being the victim of cosmic drift?

We believe it is a matter of grace.

And so we do not fear.

Believing the Being who sustains, will be more than the Sustain-er.

Believing the Being who Sustains, will be love.

Is it.




Believing not to be victims of circumstances.

Believing to be part of an incomprehensible symphony.

And so we live in this moment.

Following the hopes which have come alive in us.

Guided by drying river beds & overflowing fountains.

Walking along the contours of the mountain & the slow meander of the river bed.

Smiling at what we see.

And who we meet.

And what we become.

As we find our way from one day to the next.

Grateful for every new day in which we may taste new experiences.

May fear be absent from your life.

May its whisper be silenced.

May you be free enough to give up control, to embrace the flow.

May happiness overwhelm you.

As you live from a new confidence.

May you hear an others whisper.

A sweet voice in your being.

Feeding fearless confidence.

The confidence that another guides & enables & loves beyond measure.


4 thoughts on “fear

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  2. Fear can be good when we need to flee from danger but not when it controls our being….what you have written is right. Thank you.

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