being vs doing

LWAI’ve been reading Jimmy Spencer Jr‘s book ‘Love Without Agenda‘.

Awesome book.

Worth the read.

It speaks to institutionalized Christianity.

Where I am in the book, it poses the question (in my opinion), if it is really love, when it is given from an ‘agenda’.

To convert.

To make members.

To solicit donations or income.

To gain anything in any way, be it material, or spiritual or emotional.

Good question.

Spencer speaks of people being created in the ‘image’ of God.

He spends some time on the 1st three chapters of Genesis, the story of our origin embraced by Christians & Jews & Muslims, in equal measure.

Which got me thinking about God & love & being created in an image.

That is the measure of a good book.

If it nudges you into thinking.


Connecting dots, as my friend Dafre would often say.

The story goes that God created humans, not by speaking a word, but by getting ‘hands’ dirty.

Taking soil.

Forming a vessel.

Breathing life.

It is a picture of creative intimacy.

A being bringing to life another being.

A being who is creative.

Who is complete in being an ‘us’.

Who is grace.

Who is love.

Bringing into ‘being’ another being, in his (for lack of a better word) image.

Perhaps the human experience is not so much about ‘doing’, as it is about ‘being’?

Not so much about ‘doing’ love, as it is about ‘being’ it.

Somewhere, later in that ancient story, embraced by many divergent religions (or apparently embraced), a man called Moses stand before this Creative Being & asks: who shall I say you are?

The story goes, this Creative Being responds by saying: ‘I am’.

I am.


And so my heart believes, if this Creative Being ‘is’, then I too ‘am’.

I am love.

I am grace.

I am creativity.

I am ‘us’.

And perhaps the encouragement of modernist Christianity & Religion, to ‘do’, is terribly misplaced.

Perhaps, instead of trying so hard to ‘do’, we could relax into ‘being’.

Into discovering who we ‘are’ & ‘have been’ & ‘will be’, since eternity.

I am not suggesting that we are God.

I can see a few pastors & preachers & Christian leaders raising their eye-brows in objection.

I am suggesting that we are ‘like’ God.

That we bear this Creative Being’s image.

By choice & with intention.

The choice & intention of this Origin of all.

Perhaps that is why, when intruding into our physical reality & time, this Creative Being says once more: ‘I am.’

‘I am the Way.’

‘I am the Life.’

‘I am the Truth.’

Could it ‘be’, that we are also ‘way’?





Not called to ‘do’ grace or ‘give’ love or ‘speak’ truth or ‘bring’ life.

Created to be.

Maybe if you join me in reading this book, Love Without Agenda – maybe you will be nudged into considering as well.

That it could be, that you are.

And in your being, a new way, life, truth, a new love will become.

A life not so concerned with performance & outcomes.

A way not so filled with the fear of failure & disappointment.

A truth not consumed by expectations.

A love without agenda.

This is my hope & prayer for you – that you may discover that you are.

That you’ve been.

And that your being is beautiful.


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