mapOur geography determines our proximity.

Where we are, influences who we meet & spend time with.

Where I work.

Where I live.

Where I pray.

Or go to school.

People affect us.  They influence us.  Touch us.  Change us.

People flow into us.  They affect our mood.  Influence our mind-set.  Touch our being.  Change our way of looking at life.

Perhaps it would be good to put a little more consideration into our geography.

For in the end, the people with whom we spend our time, determines so much.

May your geography bring you into proximity with beautiful people.

People who affect you with love.

Influence you with acceptance.

Touch you with hope.

Change you to become who you’ve been since before the beginning of time.

May you be aware that our geography determines our proximity.

May you, whenever you have the opportunity, choose a geography with a meaningful proximity.


2 thoughts on “proximity

  1. This is beautiful – Personally I have a global social network (thanks to the amazing age of technology we live in) which I love because it brings diversity and new knowledge into my universe. Thank you so much for following my blog and I look forward to reading more of your insights! 🙂

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