what is this thing?



For thirteen years now, every day, I’ve said these words: ‘I love you.  Unconditionally.  For ever & ever.  No matter what happens.’

At first, I uttered them fumblingly.

Whispering them in the soul of my new-born son who could not grasp any of it, except perhaps drinking the emotion.

Knowing this was something to be declared.

Something for which I longed.

Then as time went by, more boldly I declared the same, to our daughters.

Eventually even saying it to my Zuko.

And then to me.

For I discovered & was taught, by these beautiful few who surrounded my fragile being like guardians, that love begins inside.

When I am able to see beyond the expectations & demands placed upon me as I was growing up.

When I am able to escape the forest of trees, unintentionally sown by generations.

It begins hesitatingly.


And now, I say it still.

‘I love you.  Unconditionally.  For ever & ever.  No matter what happens.’

With more conviction.

Living it as well.

Discovering it, as moments flow into a life time.

As the value of my ‘self’ & those fabulous people I meet, become more evident in the sunlight of this Love.

Not a something done, but a Someone whispering, perhaps all along, also in my being, even as my own soul could not grasp the depth of these words, but could taste the truth & the emotion.


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