wherein lies it?


My value?

Do I find it in what I own?

What then if I lose everything?

Does it vest in who I know?

What then if I am ostracized?

Perhaps it comes from my ability, to perform, or do, or create?

What then if I am robbed of my capacity?

Maybe it is to be found in my relationships?  My partner?  My children?  My friends?

And if they’re robbed of me, am I then robbed of my value too?

The religious would say they’re value vests in their salvation.

Or in their purity.

Or even in their ‘spirited-ness’.

Their ‘separate-ness’.

Wherein we find our value determines so much of our reaction & interaction.

If we find it in stuff, we’ll eagerly hang on to it, suspicious of those we meet, lest they want to access what we have.

If we find it in knowledge, we’ll keep it to ourselves, always using it to own & control & influence.

If we find it in performance, we’ll constantly be anxious for today’s success is tomorrow’s failure.

Perhaps, when we can see our value, in our being?

Separate from everything.

Being created exquisitely.

Perhaps then, stuff & performance & relationship may become experiences to enjoy?

To hold loosely?

And we may be?


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