about stones & being stoned

I’ve been thinking about stones this week.

Not rolling stones or building stones.

Definitely not stones taken from deep inside the earth to be polished and sold as adornment for overly groomed women with obscene wealth which needs to be flaunted.

The kind of stones I’ve been thinking about is the kind which lies on the side of the road.

Thrown away.

Out of the way.

Removed from a field as it is readied for cultivation.

Or thrown aside, as the road was built, because it was inferior.

The kind of stones I’ve been thinking of is the kind which no one wants.

The kind which only takes up space.


Like Somalian & Ethiopian shopkeepers, killed as ‘blacks’ were once killed in a not-forgotten, or too soon forgotten past.

I’m wondering about freedom & the fight for justice.

Martin Luther King.

Before him, William Wilberforce.

Nelson Mandela.

Before him, Mahatma Gandhi.

Rosa Parks.

Mother Teresa.

Anne Frank.

Sri Krishna.

The 14th Dalai Lama.

The list goes on.

And the ‘list’ would be contested.

Desmond Tutu.

Jackie Huggins.

Natalya Estemirova.

Che Guevara.

The ‘list’ would be different, depending on where you live & what you were raised with.

Why is there a ‘list’, I wonder this week?

I wonder from my very Christian up-bringing.

Why, if God is, if Christ brings salvation – why is there not an overwhelming, uncountable crowd of people working towards a just society?

Where people are safe, regardless of race or heritage or gender or age.

Why is there still slavery?

Why is there still children growing up in poverty?

Why is there, just in my little bit of world, hundreds of thousands of children who do not have access to proper education, or running water or sanitation?

Why are shops being burnt & shopkeeper families destroyed?


If all these people who congregate on Sundays in expensive buildings, with state of the art sound equipment & highly trained pastors & ministers – if all of them have come into relationship with a God who is kind & gentle & loving, a God who is irresistible & powerful, a God who sets free & enables – why is the ones who make a difference so few that we are able to make a list?

And recognize them with peace prizes?

And hold them up as examples?

Why …

Why is it that so few of them come from Christian roots?

Why …

I’m not questioning God.

I’m thinking of what he said, as Christ, when he rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, fulfilling a prophecy.

If they be quiet, these stones will cry out.

Perhaps it is a warning?

Perhaps it is an encouragement?

‘Won’t you please forget about the system & stuff. Won’t you please see the people. The love. The relationship.’

For if you are quiet …

The stones will cry out …

And they will be stoned.

By you.

As they were.

When I came to be amongst you as one of you.

And they will be.

And you will not.

What immense wave would roll across our world if every Church, every Christian, started crying out?

Millions to be added to the ‘list’.

A world transformed.

A God honored.

But not today.

Surely not yesterday.

Perhaps tomorrow?


7 thoughts on “about stones & being stoned

  1. Do you know Why The world is in a mess today Theunis, It’s because we as Christians are too weak or maybe even to selffish and self aware to try to make a difference. In the words of Joyce Meyer we have a sindrome in our world today called What about me, To us IT’s ALLabout us, our comforf what we want and what we like. iT Makes me sck, we sing Halleluja on Sunday but the rest of the week we are blind to need and all that counts is our own little world. Sometimes, I’m ashamed to call myself a Christian. Catch a wakeup people, life does not happen on Sundays, it happens between Sundays, so let’s get out of our little comfort zones and start reaching out. Worship is more than a song.

  2. human rights day. hah! what a joke. i want to know where’s my rights as a human being. my right to do as i want when i want. where is it? show me. we’re all still in slavery, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

    as far as the christian debate goes, seeing as this is a blog published on the net, i suppose it’s fine to air my view. i find the majority of christians to be ignorant, naive and judgmental.

    i laughed the other day when someone told my girlfriend they will pray for her after a comment she left on a post about that new red bull ad. lol. you’re going to pray for her? what is that supposed to mean anyway? pray for what? are you better than her that you think she needs help? did you even read her comment? and the best part is when they say anything they don’t understand, or even better, won’t take responsibility for, then it’s God’s will. haha! poor God. he probably just shakes His head and looks away in shame.

    idiots. they’re so funny. like little sheep lead to the kill blindly. but ja, they want to stand on a pedestal. catch a wake-up, the world is laughing at you!

    “please God, save me from your ‘children’!”

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  4. Wow. Indeed.
    These stones when throw into the river they create waves; when throw into crowds there is stampede and blood…innocent blood.
    If we are not carefull it will be carved into a tombSTONE with “Shame” engraved on it,
    As a reminder of what Africa was never meant to be, by its forefathers who came before you and me.

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