If it is by accident that we are, then it could be that it is for no particular reason that we do exist.

Nothing other or more than to procreate, to strive to pay the bond & bills, to buy a little comfort.

To consume while bringing off-spring to adulthood, so that they may consume again & feed the system of our creation.

Could it be that we are hedonists?

Simply existing to gain as much as we can, for ourselves.

The strongest thriving.

The weak & poor of no consequence other than ‘labor’ or ‘market’ or ‘burden’.

Could it be that we’ve lost our way?

Disconnected from our origin?

For if it is only about ourselves, we might as well give in to the destruction of our kind.

The war.



Perhaps there is another way?

Each life a seed of hope?

Each moment a bit of energy, moving towards a better day?

Perhaps we could find a kinder place?

Or settle it, if it does not exist?

For settling in this place is just too much to bear.




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