children of the 3rd Day

you create beauty

Are you a creator or a destroyer?

Were you made to fill or empty out?

To adorn or violently destroy so that something new can be created?

Are you attracted to war or peace?

To killing or to bringing to life?

To subject or to set free?

Christianity seems to be very obsessed with destruction.

Driving out demons.

Fighting evil.

Killing immorality.

Toppling sinister kingdoms.

Destroying wickedness.

There is a time to uproot.

A time to tear down.

To kill.

To scatter.

To give up & uproot & throw away.

I, however, was born for a time such as this.

I am not created to kill, destroy, drive out or scatter.

I am created to fill.

With love & beauty.

With embracing & life.

In Christian circles there is talk of the ‘3rd Day Dawning’.

They speak of one day being like a thousand years in the sight of God & now 2000 years have passed since the coming of the Christ & the ‘3rd Day’, a new one thousand years, is dawning.

Could it be that this ‘3rd Day’ is the ‘Day of Filling’?

Could it be that the time of ‘war’ & ‘fighting’ & ‘destroying’ has come to an end?


Could it be that the world is waiting, like an empty bucket?

To be filled?

To the brim?

Until it overflows?

With a refreshing gush of thirst quenching water?

Of life?

I get that there are different strokes for different folks.

The TLB driver comes to do destructive earth moving, before the landscaper can come to plant a magnificent garden with trees & flowers.

The demolisher violently beats down walls & structure, before the builder can create a new home.

The movers remove & carry away, emptying out, before the decorator can paint & fill, creating a new fabulous space.

The surgeon cuts, before the body can heal.

The plow skewers the earth, before a magnificent harvest can grow.

Some have no choice but to destroy & scatter.

That is not I.

And perhaps their time has passed with the dawning of the ‘Day of Filling’?

If not, then I am born out of time.

Redundant in this season.

For I am a filler.

A builder.

A creator.

A healer.

I am a decorator.

A lover, a dancer & someone who laughs.

I am a mender.

An embracer.

One who gathers & speaks.

I am of peace.

I am here to make it full.

In a world hungry to be filled.

Could it be, that the Church, is like a revolutionary organization who’ve taken power & come to govern, but still fight, as if no power has been gained?

An ANC two decades into governance?

Could it be that the ‘3rd Day’ requires a new generation to rise?

A generation still subjected.


From being.

I am relieved to realize there is a time.

I am delighted to see myself & know it is good.

Very good.

To be who I’ve been created to be.


To fill & love & embrace.

I call the children of this ‘3rd Day’ to rise: Rise!  Be.  Become.  Bring to life.  Plant.  Heal.  Build.  Laugh.  Dance.  Gather.  Embrace.  Search.  Keep.  Mend.  Speak.  Love.  Create peace.

This is your time.

This is our time.

The 3rd Day has dawned.

I urge you: rise & be boldly.


And fill.


One thought on “children of the 3rd Day

  1. we are creators. fillers. we will Rise! Be. Become. Bring to life. Plant. Heal. Build. Laugh. Dance. Gather. Embrace. Search. Keep. Mend. Speak. Love. Create peace. Together.

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