I urge you.

As the laptop starts-up, I wonder if I should expend the energy to write.

About this.

The image on the left disturbs me.

At first glance it seems innocent.

And it could be.


For I was not there when this picture was taken & I would like to give the people involved the benefit of the doubt.

(I am only giving my impressions as they rise from a picture published & a caption given.)

I was there.



The man standing in the front.

Offering words as Word.

It looks like a religious scene.

It could even be ‘encouraging’.

Young people praying.

On their knees.

Heads bowed down.

The caption, explaining what is happening in this picture, however is important.

It changes everything.

It was a moment.

At a prominent Church.

In our city.

Young people.

‘Honoring the Father of the House – Apostle Nedbury’

(names have been changed, for my words are not directed at a single person.  they are for ‘us’.  for the faithful.  for the leaders.)

I saw the picture.

I read the caption.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of distaste.

Like a movie other images flash through my imagination.

A king.

A boy in exile.

A demand to bow down & worship.

A boy being man.

A declined request.

A lions’ den.

A fiery furnace.

And so I urge you to reconsider.

The way you worship.

If you are a pastor, apostle, reverend, prophet or reformed minister.

Please reconsider the way in which you lead.

The way towards which you lead.

For if they bow before you, physically as it seems in the image above, or spiritually, or emotionally -you have taken for yourself what is not yours to take & you have lied about the god to whom you wish to lead.

I urge you.

Please reconsider.

Please take a moment to look at what you are feeding & who it is being worshiped by those young men & women.

May Daniel rise inside of us.

May Nebuchadnezzar be handed over to his madness.

May God have mercy on us all.


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