‘For far too long Christianity has been compulsively obsessed with salvation to herd people into organization. Perhaps it is time to focus on redemption, not seeking it, but bringing it. Change. Something better. Something positive. Something which speaks of the freedom the Divine Creator enables. In our society. In education. In families. I pray for this. I work for this.’ Theunis Pienaar

intentWould you take a moment to think about the intention with which you lead?

The Church.

Perhaps it is important?  For our intention really does create our reality.

We start out innocently & with optimism.

We hope to bring change.

To help people find freedom.

Live in a new way.

And then we become embroiled in orginization.  In budgets.  Buildings.  Equipment.  In programs.  Measurables.  Attendance.  Membership.  Income.  Growth.  Expansion.

Has anyone come to be free?

Has anyone come to live differently?

Has love increased?



Have we grown a patient community?

A friendly one?

A kind one?

When people think of the Church you lead, do they remember how cool it is or how loving it is?

Are these even questions you ask?

At least sometimes?

Your Church Building is close to a shopping centre, or next to a school, on a busy high-way.

Do the community you are leading think of how you could show affection & love to these random people you brush shoulders with every day?

Without wondering how it would affect growth or decline in membership or income?

Are you about the intention He spoke about when telling the story of the Samaritan, or living the story of the tax-collector & the prostitute?

Its fun to have games nights – it really brings your people together.

Its awesome to load a flock of off-road vehicles & reach out to Malawi – it really makes memories, broadens your world, gives you something to talk about.

Healing services, conferences, popular international bands performing, staged plays & summits – it fills the seats, it creates brand loyalty, it energizes your community.

For what?

With which intent?

Does it reach beyond?

Does it affect?






Beyond the granular community you lead in the bigger picture?

Is it salt?


Tomorrow you will host a service or three.

Wednesday you’ll get the inner circle of your community together.

The truly involved & commited people.

You’ve spent hours preparing.

Loads of resources.

Will it move?

Your community?

Beyond a fleeting hope of a little bit of personal respite?

Will it move?

Your community?

To be hope?

To touch?


Why do you host these services?

Why do you lead?

Why do you spend your life?

With what intent?

I urge you to consider this.


Do you see redemption?

A world redeemed because of all your activity?

Do you see change?

Something better, because of your community’s presence?

Something positive?

Something which speaks of the freedom the Divine Creator enables?

In our society?

In education?

In families?

For far too long Christianity has been compulsively obsessed with salvation to herd people into organization.

Won’t you return to your first love?

Won’t you be brave enough, in faith?

Won’t you lead that community to be redemption?

Perhaps then His reputation will be restored?

Perhaps then our faith will be more than a confession?

More than a recycling of membership?

More than well planned meetings?

More than fleeting personal hope?

More than momentarily?

An energy.

In a world hopeful.

May you reconsider.

May you lead anew.

May we.


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