Happy People are at Peace with their Journey


My Zuko reminded me of this, tonight, as we talked & thought & chew, while she was cooking supper.

Succulent butterfish with onions, vegetables & masala spice.

Perhaps, to embrace happiness,  we need to embrace our journey.

With all its loss & incomplete.

Embrace that this journey, with all its choices, was the best possible journey for us.

Allowing us to become, everything we are.

Allowing us to affect, everyone we did.

Each other as well.

Allowing us to fail.

To learn.

To grow.

We look at the two decades shared.

Hold the pictures.

Thumb the pages of our ‘Captain’s Log’.

We consider the places where we had the opportunity to choose new direction.

The cross-roads.

The side roads.

The hills & valleys.

Perhaps we could have chosen differently.


Perhaps not.

But where we are, where we’ve come to be, this moment on our journey – it is where we are, where we’ve come to be, because we are.

Perhaps remembering that it too is but a moment along the way – perhaps that is good.

And so we embrace all of it.

At peace.

And we are happy.


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