Way 6 – 10 Ways to make a Difference at Elukholweni Farm School

I’ve been sharing some ideas with you on how to make a difference at Elukholweni Farm School.

Each Day, one idea.

I share this with you, because I believe, when we make a difference somewhere, it not only contributes to our own happiness, but it also unlocks a positive energy which flows into our world.

I’ve shared five ideas, so far.  They’re simple ideas.

ONE: List Elukholweni Farm School on your MySchool Card as a beneficiary.

TWO: Give Just 1 Hour

THREE: Host something

FOUR: Fix something

FIVE: Plant something

Here is another one – idea 6, if you will.

telling someone

SIX: Tell someone

We’re story people.

So here is the story of Elukholweni Farm School.

The school has been going since the late fifties.

It operates from buildings which are held in Trust by the community.

In the seventies & eighties the school did fairly well.

The surrounding community was seriously involved, did a lot of things & showed love to the parents & children who, for the most part, were employed on farms & at homes in the area.

Somewhere along the flow of days into months & years, something changed.

Elukholweni Farm School was forgotten.

Perhaps the original generation who created the buildings & the Trust & the school grew old, passed away & moved away & Elukholweni was pretty much left to its own device.

The parents, many of whom were pupils at the school, tried to keep it going.

You know the state of affairs with the Eastern Cape Education Department – not too concerned about quality education.

When we stumbled on this little school it had three teachers, of which one is the principle & one looks after toddlers & pre-schoolers, while their parents try to earn a living cleaning homes & laboring on farms.

The buildings were in dire need of attention.

The staff just trying to survive, with limited resources.

‘Being open’, a great victory.

When we got involved, we did not have a ‘vision’.  We just knew something had to change and we started.

Over time, though, we started thinking about our own children’s education & the idea of breaking a cycle.

Why, after all, are so many of the previous learners of this school, still cleaning homes & working on farms?

Was that what the school gave them?

Was that what they were educated for?

Repairs were done.

Bathrooms built.

Classrooms created.

A library.

A computer room.

And as all of this physical stuff came into being, it dawned on us, we have an opportunity.

An opportunity to change the future.

Not so much for this school, as for the children who go there.

Imagine we can create a school of excellence.

Imagine we can create a school which takes these children from when they are toddlers & equip them with a quality education, which would open a new future.

Imagine 20 years from now, the children who are now in grade 2 & 3, coming back to Elukholweni as Teachers & Docters & Lawyers & Engineers.

As business-owners.

As Nurses & Social Workers.

As leaders with integrity & benevolence.

Imagine what you & I do, affecting a little over 100 children from our bit of world, delivering 20 or 30 grade sevens, every year, who excel at secondary school & go on to University & enter adulthood with something money cannot buy.



The desire to make their world a better place.

In 10 years’ time there will be 300 of these young people.

In 20 years, 600.

In 30 years 900.

Minuscule in comparison to 52 million.

But it does not take a crowd to change the world.

Nelson Mandela & Govan Mbeki & his son Thabo & Ray Mhlaba &  Steve Biko – they were a few.

Martin Luther King was one man.

Imagine the future we can create, by transforning Elukholweni Farm School into a place of excellence in education?

Exceeding the education offered by private & semi-private schools like St George’s Prep & Grey Boys High & Collegiate Girls School & Woodridge & Paarl Boys High.

Imagine the future we can create, by leading Elukholweni Farm School to a place where it is famous across our continent – parents hoping their child could go there, because that school changes the future.

Breaks the cycle.

Opens opportunity.

So the story of Elukholweni Farm School is a story which is still being told.

You could be part of this story.

You could tell it to someone.

By a simple action like sharing this post on your Facebook-wall.

Or tweeting it.

Or e-mailing a link to your friends & family & associates.

Or standing up at your Church.

Or telling it to someone over a cup of coffee.

Or someone at your Club, your Rotary or your Lions, or your BNi or your FUBAR.

This story, the story of Elukholweni Farm School is a beautiful story.

Its not a story about just another little school surviving.

This one – it is the story of an insignificant little farm school emerging into an anomaly, into a future changer, into a school which offers education exceeding the reputation of a St Sithians & Bishops.

 Without ever becoming exclusive or inaccessible.

Won’t you tell this story to someone?

Your telling of this story will help make it real.


If you want more information on Elukholweni Farm School, visit their Facebook Page or call Wouter van der Westhuizen on 0824542772


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