Way 7 – 10 Ways to make a Difference at Elukholweni Farm School

I’ve been sharing some ideas with you on how to make a difference at Elukholweni Farm School.

Each Day, one idea.

I share this with you, because I believe, when we make a difference somewhere, it not only contributes to our own happiness, but it also unlocks a positive energy which flows into our world.

I’ve shared five ideas, so far.  They’re simple ideas.

ONE: List Elukholweni Farm School on your MySchool Card as a beneficiary.

TWO: Give Just 1 Hour

THREE: Host something

FOUR: Fix something

FIVE: Plant something

SIX: Tell someone

red door

SEVEN: Open a Door

Has a door ever been opened for you?

An opportunity which allowed you to blossom & prosper & be, beyond anyone’s expectation?

It has for me – several times.

In 1986, I was 15, too young to find a job & inexperienced.  Mr Burton of Croft Magill & Watson and T Birch & Co opened a door for me, allowing me to work on Saturdays for R12.50 a day.

In 1991, I was wanting to study, but did not have funds or bursaries.  Mr Koen opened a door for me.  He gave me R4000.00, without me asking & without any expectations.  Enough money to register & pay my first semester’s fees.  That’s all I needed.  From there I worked hard, earned income, earned some bursaries & progressed through seven years at University.

Opening a door is amazing – it opens a future.

In 1996, Kobus Odendal, opened another door for me.  Zuko & I were just married, but we were both students.  Kobus offered us the opportunity to live & work at Bloemfontein’s ‘Eie Haard Koshuis’ at Sentraal High School.  It enabled us to be married as students.  It did more though.  It enabled us to grow & become & be independent as married students.

In 1998, Jaap de Bruin, opened another door.  He invited me to the little village of Bray & despite the fact that I wasn’t your typical Reformed Minister & Zuko wasn’t your typical Minister’s wife, he encouraged the community to invite us to stay there & be part of their community & lead them in faith, love & meaning.  Five beautiful years followed.  Stunning friendships.  We became more than we would ever have been, had Jaap not opened that door.

Constantly doors were opened for me & us.

In 2000, Dolf Britz & Gert van Staden opened a door for me.

In 2002 Danie van der Berg opened a door for us.

In 2007, Manie Steyn opened a door for us.

And along the way, we had the opportunity to open some doors as well.

And sometimes people go through the door, embrace the opportunity & become.

And sometimes they don’t.

I’ve learnt that what someone does with an opened door, is not my concern, even if I am the one opening the door.

I’ve learnt there is no greater thing you can do, than to open a door.

So today, as way 7 of doing something to make a difference at Elukholweni Farm School, as I remember and am grateful for the doors which have been opened for me, along the journey of my life – I would like to encourage you to open a door for someone.

Become interested in one of the children attending Elukholweni Farm School.

Consider how you can open a door for one little boy or one little girl.

It will change the future.



If you want more information on Elukholweni Farm School, visit their Facebook Page or call Wouter van der Westhuizen on 0824542772


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