Way 8 – 10 Ways to make a Difference at Elukholweni Farm School

I’ve been sharing some ideas with you on how to make a difference at Elukholweni Farm School.

Each Day, one idea.

I’ve shared seven ideas, so far.  They’re simple ideas.

ONE: List Elukholweni Farm School on your MySchool Card as a beneficiary.

TWO: Give Just 1 Hour

THREE: Host something

FOUR: Fix something

FIVE: Plant something

SIX: Tell someone

SEVEN: Open a Door


The future of our country, that beautiful one we all collectively hope for, it is hidden in the classrooms of our schools.

It isn’t in the pews of Churches, or the awesomeness of Worship or even the strength of a well delivered sermon.

(or perhaps it is in the awesomeness of worship?)

It should flow from there.

It should burst from our faith, into our world.

James says it well, he says: True worship is taking care of the widows & orphans. (James 1:17 -27 if you want to check)

Elukholweni Farm School is the Widow, she is the orphan of our educational system.

So here is way 8 you could make a difference at Elukholweni Farm School: Worship.

Don’t you think, if James is right, that the bulk of our resources should be spent on that, James’ kind of worship, instead of on buildings, or equipment or slick events.

I have no problem with a well designed & executed event.

After all, a gathering should be the best we can possibly muster – but if James is right (& generally Christian people believe the Bible to be somehow of value & meaning & truth), don’t you think instead of spending a fortune on creating & maintaining that building, on upgrading the audio visual equipment & making those chairs more comfortable, don’t you think that fortune should rather be spent in worship.

I’m just saying.

Maybe, somehow, in all our earnestness to worship we fixated on the wrong stuff?

So how about taking care of this orphan & widow?

Imagine just three Churches (I know of more than three Churches in the vicinity of this little school) start doing true worship, here?

And other Churches in other locations start doing the same?

Imagine how different our world would be?

Imagine the future which would be unlocked for South Africa.

Maybe you could encourage your Church to move into James’ kind of worship?

Maybe you could ask your Pastor about it?

For if what James puts out there is not true, then probably quite a bit else would not be true either.

After all, we can’t be selective about what we take & what we ignore.

True worship.

That’s the way to make the difference.

That’s the way to build a beautiful country.

That’s the way to honor our Divine Creator.


If you want more information on Elukholweni Farm School, visit their Facebook Page or call Wouter van der Westhuizen on 0824542772



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