Way 9 – 10 Ways to make a Difference at Elukholweni Farm School

I’ve been sharing some ideas with you on how to make a difference at Elukholweni Farm School.

Each Day, one idea.

I’ve shared eight ideas, so far.  They’re simple ideas.  My intention is not to solicit guilt or make you feel you’re not doing anything for anyone else.  That’s just stupid.  You’re beautiful.  You’re free.

I’m just telling you about Elukholweni & sharing ideas with you – what you do with that is your business.

ONE: List Elukholweni Farm School on your MySchool Card as a beneficiary.

TWO: Give Just 1 Hour

THREE: Host something

FOUR: Fix something

FIVE: Plant something

SIX: Tell someone

SEVEN: Open a Door

EIGHT: Worship

kids at beach

NINE:  Organize an Outing

Did you know, the less you have, the less mobile you are?

Someone who earns R10,000 per month is less likely to travel to Europe or South America, than someone who earns R100,000 per month.

That is just an example.

Someone who owns a car can easily take a drive to a nearby town or take their children to a fast-food outlet for lunch or an Ocenearium or to Addo Elephant Park.

Someone who earns less than R10,000 per month & who does not own a car is not very likely to plan a trip to the beach or to a sporting event or a Museum.

They would rather buy food or clothes.

We become comfortable in our abundance, even thinking that we have it tough, forgetting that there are people who have substantially less at their disposal.

Can you imagine that there are children who live in Walmer or the vicinity of Elukholweni Farm School who’ve not been to one of Nelson Mandela Bay’s beautiful beaches?

Who’ve not been inside a movie theater?

Who’ve not had a meal at a fast-food outlet?

Who’ve not experienced a live sports-event?

Who’ve not seen a Lion or a Giraffe or an Elephant?

Who’ve not been inside a library?

Who’ve not zip-lined or absailed or gone out on a river with a canoe?

Who’ve not been on a boat?

Or a train?

Or a horse?

With technology they see all these things, spectators through a little TV-screen.

And perhaps that makes it worse?

But they do not experience what many of us take for granted.

This is something awesome you could do to make a difference in the lives of the children of Elukholweni Farm School – you could organize a day-trip.

Get a group of friends together & take them to see the penguins at SAMREC.

Or touch the public art on the Donkin.

Or experience an Elephant at Kwantu or Addo Elephant Park – it is tourism month in South Africa & I know during the whole of September SANParks are offering free access to our National Parks to all South Africans.

I know the people at SANParks – Fayroush & Maleshni – I know they’re good people & they’ll help make it happen even if September comes & goes.

How about taking them camping for a weekend?

Or quad biking?

Or zip-lining at Witelsbos?

If you take them to Witelsbos it would probably be the furthest any of them would ever have traveled from home.

I’ve been to England & Ireland.

To Botswana & Lesotho.

Where have you traveled?

How far from your home?

This morning I dropped two friends at the Port Elizabeth Airport, they’re flying to Cape Town.  They’ll fly back tomorrow, then drive to Grahamstown, the next day to Fort Hare University & then to Bloemnfontein.

On the weekend, one of them will be traveling back to Nelson Mandela Bay, with his family, to come and spend a week in our beautiful city.

For most people this is unimaginable.

It is the stuff they see on TV or read of in magazines.

So if you want to make a difference at Elukholweni Farm School & in the other 8 ideas you’ve not found something you think is a great idea, why not consider this one.

Take the kids on an outing.

It will make their world bigger.

It will give them a better understanding of life.

It will expand who they are.

It will be an experience they remember & tell their children about, one day, many summers from now.

I guess, in the end, the only question really is, do I want to make a difference, here?


If you want more information on Elukholweni Farm School, visit their Facebook Page or call Wouter van der Westhuizen on 0824542772


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