Way 10 – 10 ways to make a Difference at Elukholweni Farm School

I’ve been sharing some ideas with you on how to make a difference at Elukholweni Farm School.

I’m just telling you about Elukholweni & sharing ideas with you – what you do with that is your business.

I would hope that in all of this you’ve been encouraged to get involved.

Here they are, click on the number if you want details of what I have in mind with each idea, but this is not about me, or even about my ideas – this is more about you & showing you how simple it could be to change the future.

ONE: List Elukholweni Farm School on your MySchool Card as a beneficiary.

TWO: Give Just 1 Hour

THREE: Host something

FOUR: Fix something

FIVE: Plant something

SIX: Tell someone

SEVEN: Open a Door

EIGHT: Worship

NINE:  Organize an Outing

TEN: Make a Choice to Make a Difference


Yesterday someone posted research on my Facebook wall, about the stuff that makes us happy.  Number one on the list is exercise.  Number two is doing something for someone else.

It would be amazing if you’ll be a part of this.

I know there are many places to make a difference.

Maybe you don’t live in Nelson Mandela Bay?

Then I hope my posts have encouraged you to make a difference right where you are.

Even if you live in Nelson Mandela Bay, there are many more places where you could show some love.

I love Elukholweni Farm School.

I love the opportunity.

I believe our future is in classrooms like theirs.

So I hope & pray, that maybe you would be inspired.


If you want more information on Elukholweni Farm School, visit their Facebook Page or call Wouter van der Westhuizen on 0824542772


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