people with abilities

I love Dean Koontz‘s character ‘Odd Thomas‘.

I’ve always loved Koontz’s stories, but Odd has something about him which I find intriguing.

An innocence.

An optimism.


Odd Thomas is a fry-cook with special abilities.

Amongst other things, he has the ability to see the dead.

My Zuko loves fantasy novels.

They’re riddled with characters who have the most amazing abilities.

Our most favorite TV-series of recent days (I suppose not so recent, the last season was on TV in 2010) is ‘Heroes‘.

Also about people with abilities.

Hiro Nakamura is my most favorite character from that story.

He has the ability to manipulate time & space.


I’ve been thinking about people with abilities.

Reminded of the words written many centuries ago, in a simple letter.

It speaks of the abilities awakened in people when we come into relationship with the Divine Creator.








The imagery used in the letter is that of a tree bearing fruit.

It just happens.

As the tree draws energy from the earth & feels the warmth of the sun on its leaves.

And so, I believe, abilities come alive in us, as we sink our roots into the Being of the Origin of life & feel the warmth of that presence on our own being.








Valuable abilities.

To have.

As I share life with Zuko.

As we raise our children.

As we forge friendships.

Create media, sell white space, make decisions about tomorrow.

As we deal with hardship.



As we see injustice.

And try to live with hope & meaning.

In the stories – be it Odd or Hiro or a character in one of Zuko’s fantasy books – often the characters are oblivious of the abilities they’ve been endowed with.

And so are we.

Art imitating reality?


Unaware of what has come alive in us, as we live in relationship with (s)He who brought everything into being & sustains it & us, beyond anything we could ever comprehend.

So this is my hope.

For you.

As you share life with your partner.

With your friends.

As you work & strive & are.

As you raise & guide.

May you become aware of the abilities planted deep inside of you.

May you discover them.

Live from them.

An ‘Odd’ in an even world.


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