indubitable happiness

“When veritable spirituality infests our substantive reality, indubitable happiness explodes.”  Theunis & Zuko Pienaar

fall happiness

I consider happiness often.


I think about what it is.

About what it is which makes it come alive in our being.

I ask people about their happiness.

If they consider themselves to be happy?

And why?

Or why not?

It is a venerable few, it seems, who’ve received this gift.

Who live from it.


In sickness & in health.

In abundance & in lack.

And veritable spirituality seems to be something each one of them have in common.

A spirituality which infests & frames & tangibly affects their reality.


Mostly it is the other way round.

Or we think it is.

And perhaps this illusion we choose to believe contributes to our inability to actively take hold of this most precious of gifts.

We choose to believe, when we have control of & management over that which can be touched & smelt & owned – then it would have an impact on our wellness.

If only I get that promotion.

Or raise.

Or girl.

Or child.

Or house.

Or car.

Or power.

Or recognition.

If only I could achieve in the visible, then these sacrifices to the gods of me & matter would entice them to look favorably upon me.


Even religion with its buildings & rituals & tangible results make sacrifices on these altars, before these gods, maybe with this same hope.

It seems, the indubitably happy approaches life from a different direction.

And so I encourage you to consider a life in relationship.

For it is when your being becomes intertwined with other beings & the Beginning of all being, that happiness explodes into everything.



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