The House On the Corner By Michael Rains

Dream.  Life is more when you dream.

house on the corner

For a long time, Chester, we… that is, Auntie and I and William, and a whole lot of people, we only sort of felt something might be happening around us, something we weren’t really sure what it was… When Chester visits his Uncle William’s stuffy house, he’s only trying to avoid cleaning the hall bathroom. But a single clue written on a gum wrapper may send them all on a frantic journey, across many cities and through places unknown to society, and into a strange war that no one really understands.

I don’t think anyone understands.

But that is the point really, I think.

The House on the Corner is a wonderful little book, filled with imaginative characters & interesting twists.

There’s no message, really.

Except perhaps that children & old people, who live on the fringe of our society, who  are often pushed to exists in the drab run-down world of day-care & frail-care, are the most interesting people, with the most to invest in life.

I loved Rains’ story.

I loved the vocabulary created to make it come to life.’

I love that there is no real ‘point’ to all of it.

This is an easy good read, which will entertain you & maybe even encourage you to dream your own pointless little story.


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