Thank you for Sharing 4 Years :)


This morning WordPress let me know that it’s been four years since I posted my first blog-post.

This was my original blog, which I started, because I wanted to share the ideas I collected in a simple little book entitled Sevencitys.

Since, I have published three other little books on Amazon & started writing two more blogs.

Traveling Tribe is certainly the most exciting of my three blogs – we talk travel in Africa & Asia.

Grootendeels is an ‘Afrikaans’-blog on which the story of Hannes Windferwaai is my favorite.

In the past 4 years my blogs have had almost 50 000 visits.

For this I am grateful.

Whether you traveled with me, or mused in Afrikaans or contemplated ‘Friendship, Faith & Freedom‘, I am grateful for the time you took to read, the times you shared my posts on twitter or facebook and the feedback you gave me.

You have influenced who I am & how I write.

You have contributed to my being.

And you’ve allowed me to share my simple ideas.

This is a precious gift you give me.

Thank you


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