Celebrating 5 Years – Celebrate with me. :)


It’s been 5 years since my first post on WordPress.

I’d like you to celebrate with me.

You can subscribe (just enter your e-mail adress on the right hand side of the page) to Sevencitys and receive updates of new posts.

Or you can pop over to Amazon (just click on ‘Amazon’) and take a look at one of my books, which are discounted for the next 5 weeks, to celebrate 5 years of writing.

5 years ago I started publishing on WordPress with Sevencitys and since I’ve added Traveling Tribe, Grootendeels and Happiness Minute, three other blogs for you to enjoy (click on them to take a look).

And I’ve published 4 books on Amazon, to give you a more complete reading experience.

The blogs are free.

There is no transaction, for life is not transactional.

Life is a Gift.

My words my gift to anyone who might find value in them.

If, somehow, over the past five years, Sevencitys or any of the other blogs meant something to you, won’t you be so kind as to let me know with a quick ‘hello’ in the comments section?

In the 5 years I’ve posted there has been more than 60, 000 views from 43 different countries.

That’s you enjoying and sharing in this conversation about friendship, faith & freedom, family travel, Afrikaans Stories, Happiness and The Way of the Gift.

I love it.

And I am grateful.

Hoping this is a gift in your life, enabling you to live from happiness, framed by love & peace, as we share our journeys.

One thought on “Celebrating 5 Years – Celebrate with me. :)

  1. Jy het nog altyd die vermoë gehad om oogklappe af te haal…of minstens te expose…
    Ek dink baie maal, “Ek kan nie glo ek het maar net nog altyd geglo wat daar vir my gesê/gepreek is nie…hoekom het ek nog nie self daaroor gedink nie?”
    Dis hoe ek voel as ek jou skrywe lees.
    Ek voel (gereeld) met die eerste lees, “Sjoe, nee…Theuns is bietjie van die pad af hier…dis baie liberaal…”
    Dan maal en maal dit in my kop tot ek dalk self so begin dink, dit verstaan…of minstens plek maak vir die sienswyse…
    Jy verbreed my dink, Theuns…help my self dink…help my ontdek…maak God se GROOTWEES bietjie meer oop.
    Dankie…en mag die woorde en skrywe aanhou kom!

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