礼品之路 ( Lǐpǐn zhī lù ) – The Gift of Giving Freedom


We should not forget that we are earth & wind.

That exquisite combination of Creator & created.

Which was never before and is, now, only since the beginning,  exquisitely woven together, from seemingly incompatibles.

Bear with me, I need to fetch these ideas, at a far off place and time, in order for them to make sense, in my mind at least, but this Gift I would like to share with you is not about something far off, or irrelevant, it is intimately connected to this moment and this life and everything we experience in this moment and life.

And it may, if you have the inclination to bear it all and consider it all, be a Gift worth bearing it all for.

As freedom is magnificent and it is only in freedom that we may be everything we so desperately hope to be.

There are many ancient stories told about the Origin of this world and man.

We’ve got to start here, as the Gift I am sharing is a Gift which affects all our earthiness and windyness, all at once, us in our comprehensive being.

The stories all have one thing in common, except for the one told by believers of Evolution: they all talk of a Being outside of creation, bringing this world into being.

The story I choose to believe is shared by Jews and Muslims and Christians.

It talks of our Origin as ‘Them’.

It isn’t scientific.

It doesn’t have all the answers, just as all the other stories don’t have all the answers either.

Perhaps this is what all our stories have in common, even the one told vociferously by people of ‘knowledge’ and ‘intelect’, hoping to provide answers where there are no answers: we can’t say, we don’t know, not beyond the point of ‘in the beginning’.

Perhaps this is where both science and religion fail us, both evangelically proclaiming to have the answers and the knowledge and the truth,  while if we honestly assess,  we know this is not true, it cannot be, and so we try to compete for who has the most answers, or the most reasonable answers, weighing them up, one against the other, as if either of them contain any substance, while both are emptied of the reality that we just cannot know, but can and do believe.

And so I find myself at home in neither science’ nor religion’s fundamentalism,  but outside where there is no name to describe or box or categorize,  for thankfully neither science nor religion has been brave or honest enough to reach into the fringe, choosing rather to create an ‘us & them’-reality in which anything which does not fit into their very seperated, but very similar, distinctly modernist constructs, can be discarded as fable and fairy tale embraced by the weak of intelect or weak of faith (depending on which fundamentalism you’ve embraced) who are too lazy or too crazy to make the effort or choose the conversion into whatever they have built to be reality.

I am immensely grateful that, for me at least, their realities are not reality.

Embracing either reality would’ve lead me into denying my comprehensive being and giving myself to the deepest darkest beastiality of my ‘earth’ in all its monstrous destruction, consuming myself, and everything I cross paths with, like a cannibalistic worm feasting on the flesh of anything which presents itself, for the one reality calls me into being into the slavery of meaninglessness,  while the other reality gives me the same servitude as I am destined to grovel for the approval of a disapproving master who can burn me and my kind into nothingness at a whim and without even thinking about it twice.

In both realities a worthless worm.

Without value or meaning or purpose.

Without consequence.

My existince valueless,  as if it doesn’t really make a difference whether I am or not.

The story I choose to believe is different.

Entirely different from these fundamentalist perspectives on life and existence.

It talks of a Being in conversation with Itself.

The story says, just this:” In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Nothing more.

No detail about whatever came before what is announced as the beginning.

Nothing about the reason why God did this.

Nothing about how God did this.

Just ‘in the beginning’.

At the start.

The start of something, inside something immense,  which cannot be measured or explored to its end, for it has no end.

Meditating about this, we cannot but realize that there must be other ‘beginnings’, for if there weren’t or aren’t how could this Creator ‘Be’?

And where does the substance of our beginning come from?

Unless They are without ‘beginning’, which is impossible for us to comprehend, but is a possibility we should at least be willing to consider.

A Being without Origin, Who is Origin itself.

Notable for me is the fact that this story, and others, talk of this Origin as not part of this world & yet part of it.

Able to interact with it, even leave something of Their Originality in it.

Fingerprints and footprints.

Perhaps even DNA.

A strand of hair, so to speak, or a little spittle of saliva, affecting & infecting.

Or a breath?

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

A rather loaded sentence.

The heaven, the space inside which earth is suspended.

Not the place where Christians and Jews and Muslims desperately desire to go.

Two opposite ends of beginning and end.


One reality, so massively huge, it cannot be measured.

Infinite expanse we’ve come to call Milky Ways & Solar Systems & Galaxies, filled with planets and stars and Suns and Moons and Emptiness,

In that one sentence this story speaks of a Cosmic Creator, creating a multiverse we’ve only recently realized might exist.

And then it goes on to describe local detail.

The nitty-gritty & peculiarity of a single tiny, seemingly insignificant,  planet suspended inside space.

I would love to be told the story of how constelations and universes came to be, but this particular story is not about vastness.

It is about locality.

A specific time & place.

The beginning.


It was “without form and void.”

“Darkness was upon the deep.”

Whatever that may mean.

Perhaps like the little ball of clay my three year old often holds and folds, before fashioning it into a butterfly or platypus.

Just somewhat more intricate.

The story goes on to talk about light and water given boundaries, about seasons and plants and fish and birds, all called into being with words.

So simple.

“And they said …”

“And there was …”


Even though we’ve each tasted this creative power, although at a much more limited scale, speaking things & seeing them become reality in life and relationship & circumstance.

A desire expressed to have a family.

A hope sighed, to be a traveler.

A prayer complained, for health, or happiness.

A dissapointed continues rant about loss and how circumstances are unbearable and spiraling into a deep dark abyss.

And it was.

Or is.

As we said.

And then the Origin of Cosmos & Earth, says no more,  according to the story I prefer to embrace.

Taking earth.

Fashioning human.

Breathing Wind.


Wind & Earth.


As it has been, never, before this moment,  poignantly named ‘the beginning’.

Of something exquisite.


The story talks of two humans.

Who share life with each other.

And with the One Who fashioned them.

Their existence free.

As they enjoy, in happiness, each other’s company.

Even, I believe,  creating together.

It is a little fuzzy.

The story tells us of animals brought to ‘human’, in order to be named.

Perhaps this was a collaboration.

Or an education.

As the Origin guided this new being into co-creating, alongside Them.

Bringing into being by ‘saying’.


And still we do this, as we say ‘I love you’, whispering it fervently in our lover’s ear, as we consume and consummate each other.

Intentionally fusing.

Wind and Earth.


New life.

Separate life, coming into being.

From generation to generation and age to age.

For centuries and centuries,  since the beginning.

That moment.

The one of which the story speaks.

The beginning.

It was, but a moment.

Of freedom.

Unencumbered freedom.


In what is described as loss.

Of innocence.

Day & night, seasons following their rhythm,  becoming curse.

Us, our kind, unaware of the immensity in which we were brought into being.

Unaware of the Wind fused into our earth, so that we may be.

In communion.

With each other.

And They from Whom we come.

Many stories follow this story.

The chronicle of desperation.

With glimpses.

Of what we had.

And have.

And could have.

Of what we were.

And are.

And could be.

Always with a Presence.

In the entire cosmos.

Of They who breathed us into being.

In this little insignificant place.


Calling us forward.

Back to our self.

To our beauty.

Not some of us, as religion would like you to believe.

Or none of us, as science sometimes eloquently proclaims.

All of us.

From Their Being.

From ‘the beginning’, into eternity.


Loving us.

All of us.






Even Christian.

To love, as we are loved.

To bring peace, as we receive peace.

To enjoy in happiness,  togetherness,  as we are enjoyed in happiness,  by Them in Their pristine Togetherness.

Off course, we are misguided.

In all the compounded loss of innocence we’ve come to believe as ‘normal’.

Attempting to raise ourselves.

Make ourselves more.

More powerful.

More influential.

More important.

Not knowing how powerful & important we already are.

Each one of us.

From century to century.

Into ages to come.

And in our misguided greed, we bind and indebt.

Laying claim to others lives.

Strangling our own freedom, as we rob freedom, in the hope of gaining it.

All of this said: it is an immeasurable Gift to know this Origin and live without want,  freed from the need to attain & obtain, enabled to be, as the Sourceror fills us with everything They are.

And so I would encourage you to set free.

Setting yourself free, as you give freedom to another.

Forgive transgression & perceived wrongs.

Letting your wind blow beautifully.

Write of debt & indebtedness.

Letting you earth be rich and fertile.

Living in harmony.

With your self.

Wind & earth.

Letting it fuse, as it has been fused ‘in the beginning’.

Embracing your own preciousness.

Not unto destruction.

For when we see our Origin, in all the tenderness They brought us forth, we are disabled from destruction,  in a moment, from time, into time.


A glimpse.

Like a single drop.

Combined into life giving rain.

Allowing this insignificant planet to become again.

As you and I and we become.

More than we ever knew we were.

This is my belief.

In a world of beliefs.

As I forgive and write off debt.

And enjoy freedom unto happiness.


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