An Easter Letter to my Children

My Dear Children

It isn’t often that I write to you, but this year, as we’re in different places, at this time of the year, I thought it may be good.

A long time ago, when you were little and I was young, this time of the year would’ve been filled with Church Services, as we hosted Good Friday and Easter Sunday Congregations.

Now it is different.

At those services I would’ve spoken about Christ.

His moment in Getsemane.

His trial.

His death.

His resurrection.

It would’ve been a good reminder.

A necessary reminder.

But, as I look back, I realize it would’ve been out of or without context.

You see, Easter is not a Religious Festival.

It is a Historic Event.

Historic, in that it happened.

Inside the chronology of our existence, which has been and are unfolding, since our origin.

Also Historic, in that it affected the flow and unfolding of time.

The picture?

Accompanying my letter?

The skeleton death dude with the black hood and evil appearance.

I’ll explain.

But not yet.

So Easter is claimed as a ‘Christian Festival’.

It is not.

It is a Historic Event, affecting all of humanity and creation.

It happened, in a chronological sense, at the time of the Jewish Passover.

That wasn’t accidental.

It was intentional.

Passover celebrates the time when Israel was saved from the injustice of slavery under the ownership of an Egyptian Pharaoh.

You may recall the story?

Do you remember?

There was Joseph who was sold by his brothers?

Joseph went through some bad stuff.

Serious loss.

But he ended up being second in comand to an Egyptian Leader.

No, not the one who enslaved Israel.

At that time, chronologically, Israel was Josef and the other sons of Jacob.

Anyway, so Josef’s Boss had a dream.

7 fat cows coming out of the Nile.

Then 7 very lean cows, following them and consuming the fat cows.

No one knew what the dream meant.

Except Josef.

Who told his Boss, who wasn’t his boss yet.

At that moment he was still in jail.


Josef explained, the 7 fat cows represent 7 years of agricultural abundance, which wll be followed by a severe drought, in which the world would suffer an immense famine.

It seems Josef did not only understand the dream, but he also had an idea of what to do with the information.

To summarise: Josef got the job. They farmed like crazy for 7 years, building extensive storage and during the 7 years of abundance they created enough food for the moment, as well as surplus for themselves and for the world, to live from during the 7 years of famine which would follow.

This is also a Historic time.

During the famine the Pharoah, Josef’s Boss, invited Josef’s family to join him in Egypt.

There was gratitude.

A piece of land was set aside.

And 11 families made their way to Egypt and shelter and a secure future.

And time went by.

And Josef’s family multiplied.

They became a nation.

And long after Josef and his brothers became part of that inevitable forgotten history, a new Egyptian Leader felt threatened by the presence of these Foreigners.


They were there for decades.

They were the descendants of the man because of who Egypt still flourished, but none of that mattered.

So they were enslaved.

And they were opressed.

Eventually, Pharoah even ordered the killing of all boy children.

Enter Moses.

I’m not going to retell all of that.

You know it.

The basket in the river.

Adopted by the Paroah’s childless daughter.

40 years in the palace.

Then a murder from anger.

40 years in the desert.

Looking after a father-in-law’s livestock.

Then a burning bush and the call to go and see the Pharoah.

You know of the plagues.

10 of them.

The last being the death of all 1st born sons.

Israel, slaughtering a lamb.

Smearing the blood of that lamb on the posts of their doors.

The Angel of Death visting the area with vengeance.

(No, the picture of the skeletal dude doesn’t refer to the Angel of Death. I’ll get to the picture.)

But ‘Passing Over’ the homes of those who gave slaughtered alamb and smeared the blood.

Passing Over.


That’s what is being celebrated as they take Christ into custody and He is convicted and crucified and buried.

He is not ‘Passed Over’.

According to Ancient Jewish Prophecy, he is the Lamb.

The little lambs of the 1st Passover, merely representing and pointing towards Christ, the Lamb of God, Who wll be slaughtered, so that Death may Passover us.


Who do you think this ‘us’ may be?

On the cross the Christ says: it is complete.

And in the Temple, the heavy dividing curtain which separate the ‘dwelling place of God’ from the rest of the Temple – it is torn, from top to bottom, into 2 pieces, as darkness falls upon the world.

This happened.

As sure as the pyramids were built.

As sure as you were born.

It happened.

And it was a desperately important moment in the history of our existence.

To understand why it was so important, we have to go back to the beginning.

To our Origin and origin.

In our time there is an absence of self-awareness.

We’ve bought into the ‘science’ and ‘intellectualism’ of an Accidental Evolutionary Origin.

It is a good theory to which many very smart people have devoted their lives, to such an extent, that if, today, you say, you believe this reality was created by a Creator, then you are considered to be a little crazy, or at least a little bit of a simpleton.

Well …

I am a little crazy.

And I must be a little bit nof a simpleton.

To believe that the origin of man is an accidental event in a senseless, ever expanding multi verse, is impossible for me.

It strips us of meaning.

Of dignity.

Of value.

If I were to believe this, I would have to be honest and consequent.

I would have to give myself to destruction, self-gratification and self-promotion.

You can’t honestly believe in an evolutionary origin, which happened by chance, and at the same time hope to do ‘good’ or ‘make a difference’ or ‘care’ …

About anything.

Or anyone.

But your self.

And your own preservation.

Think about it.

No, really.

Think about it honestly.

If we strip this reality of an Origin and give at an origin, we might as well kill and maim and rob and steal and rape and destroy and fuck and use and trample in the service of ourown preservation and gratification and promotion?

What else eould there be?

But me?

And mine?

For a little while?

A meaningless moment, I got hy chance?

If we have an origin and not an Origin, there is no Direction.

No Providence.

No Purpose or Meaning.

No Value or Worth.

No Hope.

No Hope at all.

So after careful consideration of the theories of very smart and enlightened intellectuals, I choose to be a little crazy and a bit of a simpleton.

For somehow, inside me, there is something which hopes.

Something which stretches and reaches with an undeniable desire to be ‘good’.

To do ‘good’.

To be ‘more’.

To love.

And give.

And raise.

We have an Origin.

Please don’t forget this.

‘We’, humanity, we did not come to be by chance.

‘We’, humanity, we are created, as we were created and are being created.

Without this belief, ‘we’? (Humanity) may as well just push that button and be done with it.

Perhaps we are heading that way as World Leaders starkly represent our belief and psyche on the World Stage, with war and destruction.

I digress.

This is about what is called ‘Easter’, which is really ‘Passover’ as we reflect on that moment inside our chronological history, when our Creator became like ‘us’ (created humanity) and realized ‘At-One-Ment’, for ‘us’.

I think, maybe, this is where ‘Christianity’ and ‘Religion’ lost the plit.

It is claimed that Jesus died for Christians.

And even though, there in that moment, on the cross, He says ‘it is complete’, it is preached to be incomplete.

To be something which needs humanity’s assistance.

‘God did His part. Now we have to do ours.’

Something like that.


I’m running out of time and space.

I still have to tell you about the scary skeletal dude.

It is I.

It is representative of my being.


I’m sorry.

I hide it well.

And I do not often speak of it.

For I am ashamed.

You see, in the Beginning, when God created what we now know (or believe) to be the Multiverse, with Earth in it and ‘we’ on Earth, breathing Oxygen and drinking water …

It was good.

It was very good.

Humanity was very good.

The 1st and perfect synergy of Wind and Earth.

Earth infused with God’s Breath.

Created in God’s Image.

To be creators.

Good creators.

Through our words and actions and lives.

I look at what Ecologists say.

I consider recorded history.

I see, in this moment, war machines destroying, despots trampling and peopke suffering.

Not much being created.

Perhaps the picture is jot just I?

Perhaps it is we?

After our Origin, so it is recorded, there was a loss.

It is described as ‘The Fall’ in Christian Literature.

Perhaps it was rather ‘The Loosening’, for you see, we were created to live with God.

To live in at-one-ment with our Origin.

And, at what is called ‘The Fall’, a loosening occured.

‘We’ (humanity) were loosened from our Origin.

Not anymore, necessarily, at one with the One from Whom we come.

And in the wake of the loosening, came death, murder, selfishness and destruction.

This is what is adressed, inside time, by God our Origin, as Christ, The Lamb is slaughtered and dies and rises from death and makes way for His Spirit, His Breath, to be released again.

Creating At-One-Ment.

So that I do not have to be the shrivelled skeletal dude who destroys everything he touches, but can be creator, in the Image of my (our) Creator.

Creating life, robbed of selfish pursuit of self interest and self preservation.

This is what this ‘time’ us about.

It is a celebration of At-One-Ment …atonement.

A celebration of living life, deeply connected to the One from Whom we come.

This is our only Hope, my children.

It is our only Hope if having a life of value, lived in happiness, framed by love and peace.

And so I encourage you to consider your own beliefs.

And the consequences of what you believe.

And I entreat you, and pray, that you may see our Origin.

And that you may seek to live in At-One-Ment with God.

There is only one God.

I entreat you to see God.

And ask God to be Passed Over.

That death will not consume you.

That life will be yours.

Every day, well most days, for the darkness in me is relentless, I pray:”Fill me. With love, happiness and peace. Wth patience, friendliness and kindness. With loyalty, humility vand self-control. Do not control me, but enable me. To be all I am created to be.”

It is a stumbling life I live.

And even the ‘best’, ‘most beautiful things’ I have done cannot atone for the darkness and destruction which have spewed from me as I stepped through life.

Thank God for The Lamb.

For Redemption.

For Atonement.

For the Hope that somehow, as I live connected to my Origin, through His immense Grace, my little life can have meaning and be if consequence.

This Passover, I pray this for each one of you, as I keep on praying it for myself, with greater earnestness than ever before.

I love you.



No matter what happens.

Because I am loved by God from Whom we come.

And enabled by Them.

To be.

Your Stumbling Father.

14 April 2017


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