Please be kind enough to respect copyright on all the contents of this blog.

Theunis Pienaar’s most recent work is available from Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

You are welcome to tell friends about this blog, direct traffic here, quote it, get excited about it, just be kind enough to say where you got it.

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7 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Shoot, what? Do I have to do this too?
    I kind of dream of someone stealing my work cause I can’t imagine why, lol.
    No, I was just going to tell you I was linking you in my blogroll, but not if I get the License people after me 😉

    • you funny 🙂 i just don’t want to walk into Exclusive Books onde day, pick up this amazing book by a new author, by the thing, start reading & see it is my own stuff. Or, be giving it away to anyone who is willing to read it & find out someone else is selling it one the side. We can be proud of our stuff, it is our stories, it is our heart, no one should be able to take it away.

      and about the blogroll – no bigger complement you could dish out. Wow! *he blushes and smiles*

      • No. You are right. I’m learning about it big time in the photography industry. While there are many well meaning hobbyists, stealing images has serious consequences, professionally and spiritually. I suppose musicians have seriously been affected by today’s technology, and I forget that just because I am a well meaning writer who is as well a hobbyist, it is just as true. Are you writing a book? You really should look into Ebooks. It’s where the money is! Will you send me the rough drafts!!

      • i’ll send you sevencitys & shades of faith – wrote them already, on my blog I have the 5 ‘little carl’ stories under ‘stories for boys’, i think there will be seven of them to be one children’s story book? I wanted to write ‘the 9th city’, started with it, about adverCITY, but it was to raw, maybe i’ll finish that later.

        o, how i dream of having abook published … e-books, i’ll look into that, maybe that is the way to go. now i’ll have to give you a cut if it works 😉

  2. Hey Theunis
    Perhaps you should chat with my sister in law, Claire, about e-books. She’s a writer – quite a few published articles and an e-book. They’ve done alot of research on it (my brother Steve, and Claire.)
    Check her out at
    Then email her and tell her you’re a friend of mine. I’ll link you guys as well. They live in England, but leave for Singapore in 3-4 weeks, so her responses may be haphazard. Stay on it, I’ll keep you posted!

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